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Empower your community’s impact through best-in-class automation, user experience, and analytics.

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Give Interactive is the seamless, connected experience for community foundations, their donors, and charities for increased impact. Our platform minimizes the barriers of day-to-day operational activities in order to maximize donor relationships.


Streamline your back-office operations with efficient data management and smooth workflows.

Empower donors to contribute, invest, and grant in a mobile responsive user experience.

Connect donors with charitable causes while providing creative solutions to maximize impact.


Scalability through operational efficiency

Say goodbye to unnecessary manual processes for critical operations. With Give Interactive, your team can leverage sophisticated workflows and simplify your day-to-day back office management.

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  • Timely money movements across complex investments
  • Batch management and robust reconciliation process
  • Detailed tracking of each dollar through contribution, investment/divestment, and grant workflows
  • Daily valuations and reconciliation across all marketable securities

By optimizing your money management, we enable you to add significant volume without overwhelming your team. This optimization eliminates manual processes, so you can scale your offerings without having to scale your people.

The Life of a Dollar | Receive DonationsInvest ContributionsReconciliationInvestment PerformanceGrant RequestsDivestment and PaymentGrant Reporting
The donors at your foundation use the Give Interactive platform to contribute any asset type to any of your funds.Contributions are allocated across various financial institutions and investment strategies.Through Give Interactive's bank feeds, all money movements can easily be tracked and reconciled in system.Give Interactive's investment aggregation provides daily pricing and reporting to your foundation and donors.Donors submit grant requests for staff members to review and approve.Give Interactive manages all divestment requests and creates payment batches for each charity, updating the right teams at every step.The charity provides grant reporting through Give Interactive to update the foundation and its donors on the impact of the grant.
Real-time grant status tracking

Full visibility into each stage of the grant process from request, to due diligence, to multi-stage approvals and payments is available.

Complex investment management

Empower your team to manage complex investment portfolios at scale, with reliable daily reporting.

Reconciliation of cash movements

Employ granular tracing and reconciliation of cash movements across unlimited bank and custodian accounts through the platform.

Better data aggregation and analytics

Our detailed analytics provide valuable insights for your team and donors.

For your team, these insights give you the information needed to make deeper connections with supporters, make personalized actions, and curate custom content to grow your relationships.

For your donors, analytics available through our charity discovery tools will empower their generosity. Dashboards will equip them with quick access information for better charitable decisions.


Certified security

Rest assured, with Give Interactive your information is secure. From the first line of code, security was built into the core of our application. We are a multi-tenant technology platform built exclusively for the cloud. This allows us to deploy a security model that maintains a single access point for administrator and external users, mitigating the risk associated with backdoor access present in many legacy applications.

We treat all data as if it is sensitive and protect information by encrypting all data at rest and secured in transit through end-to-end encryption. Our platform deploys best-in-class security controls with multi-factor authentication access, third-party penetration testing, and storage on SSAE16 SOC-2 Type II-certified cloud data centers. All payments are processed through PCI-compliant solutions to ensure you are always protected.

Multi-factor authentication

Data encryption at rest

Third-party penetration testing

SOC-2 server management

PCI-compliant integrations


Partner Integrations for a solutions-oriented tech stack

From day one, you have the best tech stack at your fingertips through our integrated partnership platform. Through our proactive implementation process, we will work with your team to determine the best solutions to support your goals. Our platform was built through modern fintech engineering for robust out-of-the-box integrations and sophisticated API connections.

Partner Integrations:
Guidestar, PowerBI, Stripe, Plaid, MorningStar/ByAllAccounts,
Salesforce, Sage Intacct, and Segment.

Brand our technology as your own

Give Interactive is the invisible force powering your brand. We understand the importance of your reputation, so everything we do is built around emboldening your position in your community. Our 360° white-label solution helps you create a consistent brand experience for your donors, with front-end configurations that allow you to customize colors, layout, icons, and more.

Brand Customization Examples:


About Give Interactive

Our team intimately understands the challenges faced by today’s community foundations because we’ve faced them ourselves. At our own foundations, we were waiting for a solution to emerge for outdated donor platforms and manual operations. When one never came, we took action by combining our deep foundation operational expertise with leading fintech engineering to build a revolutionary platform for today’s foundations.

Our efforts are backed by a deep team of investors with backgrounds in community foundations, fintech, family office/wealth management, high-end donations, charities, and more for a balanced and holistic industry perspective.

The world needs the work of community foundations now more than ever. Give Interactive supports you with a modern fintech platform to empower your relationships, your community expertise, and your impact.


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